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Diseases, injuries, operations and age-related wear and tear change the regulatory mechanisms of our body's own function. Our physical as well as mental resilience decreases. Modern physiotherapy counteracts this process with a wide range of treatment options. It reactivates, coordinates and stabilizes bodily functions by exploiting reactions to stimuli that act on the body from outside.

As follows: Stimulation of body and mind = treatment

Treatment may include both active physiotherapy and passive physical measures. All physiotherapeutic measures including necessary aids are subject to prescription. In consultation with the physicians, an individual, disease- and patient-oriented therapy planning and treatment is carried out by the physiotherapist, which sensibly combines active exercise programs and physical measures.

Treatments are multidisciplinary when concomitant diseases are present in the:

  • rheumatological
  • neurological
  • traumatological
  • oncological
  • geriatric
  • pediatric

Ranges are available.

In the case of certain disorders, additional treatment methods such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, etc. can improve the therapy results. Further focal points
are individual counseling in the selection and instruction in the use of assistive devices.

The therapy includes the individual and is patient-oriented:

  • Treatment
  • Care
  • Counseling

Treatment Goas

  • Preservation, restoration and improvement of joint mobility
  • Optimization of gait
  • Strengthening of the musculature
  • Elimination or reduction of pain
  • Training of behavior that is suitable for everyday life and gentle on the back
  • Posture education
  • Readaptation to everyday stress and controlled performance improvement
  • Social integration
  • Guidance for self-help
  • Restoration or improvement of movement sequences
  • Targeted use of aids

Treamtment Methods


  • Basic techniques active and passive
  • Gait, back and posture training
  • Special techniques
  • Manual therapy
  • PNF
  • MTT
  • Cyriax
  • Brunkow

Physical therapy

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Thermotherapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Decongestive therapy (MLD, compression bandaging)

We ask our patients :

  • Be present on time at the agreed appointments
  • Wear comfortable (sports) clothing and safe shoes
  • To practice at home according to our instructions
  • To be motivated

What we offer:

  • Qualified personnel
  • Consultation and therapy planning
  • Treatment in the inpatient/operative area
  • Treatment in the outpatient/conservative area

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