Since 01.04.2010, Prof. Dr. Christoph Hubertus Lohmann is the director of the Orthopedic University Hospital Magdeburg.


He is a specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery, pediatric orthopedics, orthopedics and rheumatology, physical therapy and balneology. After his medical studies, he completed his training at the University Hospital of Göttingen. In 1997/98, he was a fellow at the Departments of Orthopedics at the University of Florida and the University of Texas at San Antonio, USA. In 2001, he moved to the Department of Orthopedics at the University Medical Center Eppendorf-Hamburg (UKE). He habilitated with the topic: The regulation of osteogenic cells by implant surfaces and by wear products of endoprosthesis. In December 2003, he was appointed C3 professor at the University of Hamburg and Christoph Lohmann became deputy director of the Department of Orthopedics. At the beginning of 2006, he additionally took over the function of deputy head of orthopedics at the Rheumatism Clinic in Bad Bramstedt.


Prof. Lohmann has extensive experience in endoprosthetics and reconstructive joint surgery as well as in the fields of tumor orthopedics, rheumatoid orthopedics and pediatric orthopedics. Furthermore, his work spectrum is directed towards the treatment of special arthropathies, aseptic and septic exchange surgery and special problems of rheumatism surgery. Existing specialties of the Magdeburg orthopedists, such as sports orthopedics in cooperation with the Olympic Training Center Saxony/Anhalt or spinal orthopedics, are also particularly promoted.

Our scientific activities cover a broad spectrum. This includes, for example, studies on the regulation of bone cells by implants, the avoidability of allergies to implants, the further development of regenerative medicine/tissue engineering and procedures for bone and cartilage replacement. He also devotes himself to damage analyses of endoprostheses and the therapy of bone defects.



With the appointment of Prof. habil. Bernhard Blencke on 01.10.1963 to the chair of orthopedics, the department of orthopedics received full independence at the Medical Academy of Magdeburg. From 1962 to 1966, the Orthopedic Clinic with 3 wards, polyclinic, X-ray, laboratory and physiotherapy was created under the directorate of Prof. Blencke by reconstruction and extension of the double dwelling house built in 1904/1905 in Schellingstraße. After the official inauguration of the building on 12 February 1966, the first operation took place in the clinic on 3 March 1966.


Prof. Weickert gained particular merit by organizing early diagnosis and prophylaxis of dislocated hips and was instrumental in the development of sonography of the infant hip in the former GDR. After the retirement of Prof. Weickert, Prof. Dr. Wolfram Neumann took over the clinic in 1986.
In 1987, the move to the new clinic building on the campus of the University Hospital took place. Now 110 beds and 3 operating rooms were available, so that the number of inpatients treated and the operating capacity could be considerably expanded.


Under the direction of Prof. Neumann, endoprosthetics and rheumatism surgery developed as focal points of the clinic. In addition, arthroscopic surgery and tumor surgery were expanded. By 2004, the number of operations had increased to over 3,000 cases per year, including 650 knee joint endoprostheses and 500 hip joint endoprostheses.


With the takeover of an additional operating room in the newly built hospital building, the number of spine operations could be significantly expanded. At present, the Orthopedic University Hospital covers the entire spectrum of orthopedic operations. In addition, there is an outpatient clinic with numerous special consultations as well as an efficient physiotherapy department. Since 1991, a sports medicine department has been integrated into the Orthopaedic University Hospital, which is also responsible for the Magdeburg Olympic Training Center. In the same year, a research department was also established, which focuses on studies of neuro-muscular control. Prof. Wolfram Neumann headed the clinic until 31.03.2010.

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