Techn. Equipment

The research laboratory has a large number of technical devices which are needed for the daily laboratory operation. The technical equipment listed here represents only a part of the devices.



EndoLab hip and spine simulator Typ C6/2-16

The simulator is a servo-hydraulic test system with six test stations and two reference stations, which enables wear tests according to ISO 14242-1. Variable test cycles are also possible with the aid of the LabView control system.



Malvern Mastersizer 3000E

Laser diffraction measurement system, dynamic measurement range using only one lens 0.1 μm - 1000 μm. The detector system covers an angular range from 0.0316° to 60°. This enables a consistently high resolution over the entire measurement range.



Zeiss Microscope AXIO OBSERVER Z1

The AxioObserver Z1 from Zeiss is suitable for transmitted light brightfield, phase contrast, DIC, PlasDIC and reflected light fluorescence and is equipped with an AxioCam MRm for digital fluorescence imaging and motorized stage.



Metrohm Autolab PGSTAT204

Electrochemical measuring station for corrosion measurements with potentiostat and ASTM corrosion measuring cell.



Bruker S1 Titan 600

Portable X-ray fluorescence element analyzer with multiple filters and various element subroutines.



Roche LightCycler 480

The instrument allows the use of 5-nuclease (TaqMan) and FRET hybridization probes. For TaqMan assays, up to five color channels are available, so that a maximum of pentaplex assays can be performed. For hybridization probes, there are three channels that can be used in parallel. Enamel analysis with hybridization probes and Simple Probe probes are also possible. In addition, High Resolution Melting (HRM) analyses can be performed with this system.




The Sequence Acquisition System is a real-time PCR system with high processing capacity for the detection and quantification of nucleic acid sequences. Major applications include gene expression quantification and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection using fluorogenic 5'-nuclease analysis.


Merck millipore_1

Merck millipore guava ® easycyte hat

Fast and efficient flow cytometry (FACS). It is equipped with two lasers for simultaneous detection of two different markers.



Tecan Infinite 200 PRO

For cell-based applications, the Infinite 200 PRO offers optimized measurement of fluorescence intensity thanks to numerous features. Thanks to the highly innovative background correction, the instrument is particularly well suited for cell-based applications using autofluorescent growth media.



Leica TP 1020

The device is for automatic tissue infiltration, it gently processes the tissue samples with maximum safety for the sample material during the entire process flow.


Leica CM_1

Leica CM 1850

The instrument is a cryostat for routine histology in clinical pathology. It is a versatile cryostat with optimized cooling system, fast freezing procedure and smooth sample alignment for histology.




Zeiss Hyrax M55

Motorized rotary microtome for all applications in kerosene technology and for hard samples.



Shandon Histocentre 2

The Histocenter 2 pouring station is a laboratory device used for histological kerosene embedding processes.


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