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All conservative and surgical treatment methods for injuries and diseases of the shoulder girdle are performed at the Orthopaedic University Hospital Magdeburg. The basis of the individually adapted therapy is a detailed examination of the patient within the framework of an outpatient shoulder consultation. At this consultation, a specific treatment plan is determined with the patient according to the respective symptoms and the clinical and imaging findings. The patient's personal circumstances and lifestyle habits are also taken into account. In this way, a large number of shoulder joint complaints can be significantly improved by non-surgical therapy measures, resulting in a satisfactory situation (shoulder function).
If surgery is necessary to restore unrestricted shoulder function and freedom from pain, the surgical method and the required follow-up treatment are discussed with the patient. A total of approximately 500 surgical procedures in the area of the shoulder are performed at our clinic each year. The most modern surgical methods are used. A highly efficient physiotherapy department integrated into the clinic ensures optimal rehabilitation following the operation on the basis of differentiated aftercare plans. In order to ensure and check the success of the operation, we also offer outpatient check-ups after the operation. The results of our surgical treatments are verified by participation in quality assurance programs and presentations at scientific congresses of professional societies (e.g. the German Association for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery DVSE).

Key Areas

  • Therapy of omarthrosis (shoulder joint wear) by implantation of a shoulder prosthesis (S-TEP) such as surface replacement, short-shaft prostheses, conventional shoulder prostheses and special prostheses (e.g. inverse S-TEP)
  • Shoulder prosthesis revisions and TEP replacement
  • Fracture treatment of the shoulder (osteosyntheses of the humeral head, scapula and clavicle)
  • Arthroscopic and open reconstructions (sutures) of the rotator cuff including muscle transfer operations or defect coverage by tendon replacement tissue
  • Arthroscopic and open procedures for diseases and injuries of the long biceps tendon (e.g. SLAP repair, biceps tendon tenodesis)
  • Therapy of impingement syndrome of the shoulder by arthroscopic subacromial decompression and bursa removal (bursectomies)
  • Arthroscopic and open shoulder stabilization procedures after traumatic shoulder dislocation (e.g., labrum refixation, capsular retractions, bony stabilization procedures)
  • Arthroscopic and open shoulder surgery for habitual shoulder instability
  • Therapy of frozen shoulder (syn.: adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder) by mobilizations under anesthesia or arthroscopic arthrolysis
  • Therapy of focal cartilage damage
  • Arthroscopic therapy of calcifying shoulder (syn.: tendinitis calcarea, calcifying tendinitis)
  • Arthroscopic and open surgery for acromioclavicular joint disorders or injuries such as acromioclavicular joint dislocations or luxations or acromioclavicular joint arthroses
  • Surgical reconstruction for instabilities (luxations) of the sterno-clavicular joint
  • Elbow joint - total endoprosthesis (EB - TEP), incl. exchange operations
  • Radius head resection
  • Synovectomies
  • Arthroscopic operations on the elbow (plica syndromes)
  • Arthrolysis for elbow stiffness
  • Ligament reconstructions at the elbow
  • Neurolysis of the shoulder and elbow


Patient information: Selected surgical procedures and treatment methods in the area of the shoulder

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